Ben Sabirif
"Casablancan", really Armenian; born 1892, real name 
ST 10 DX 12 IQ 13 HT 12
Speed 6 Dodge 9
Danger Sense, Acute Vision +4, Language Talent +2, Secret: Past crimes and atrocities, 
Distinctive Feature: branding, Sense of duty: re-emerging humanity, Intolerance: Turks, Bloodlust
Armenian, Turkish, English, Spanish-11, Portugese-9, Farsi-10, Arabic-8, Dutch-9, German-9, 
French-9, Jewellery-16, Geology-13, Detect Lies-13, Streetwise-14, Psychology-12, Bard-13, 
Guns (pistol)-13, Fast-Draw (pistol)-12, Savoir-Faire-11, Merchant-15, Stealth-15, Swimming-11, 
Disguise-12, Holdout-14, Sleight of hand-13, Escape-13, Brawling-11, Intimidation-14, 
Lockpicking-12, Driving (car)-10, Demolition-11
 Likes gemstones, but prefers chasing them to having them; Wants his gems to have "character"

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