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Siegfried von Falkenhausen
German; born 1910, German Empire, tall and handsome (180 cm)
ST 12 DX 12 IQ 11 HT 12
Speed 6 Dodge 10 Parry 8 Punch 1d-2
Handsome, Charisma +2, Luck, Strong Will +2, Status 2 (Exiled Noble), Social Stigma -1 (German), Overconfidence,
Code of Honor, Compulsive Behavior: Adrenalin addict, Wealth: Wealthy (House, Airplane)
German, English, Spanish, Bard-13, Diplomacy-12, Leadership-14, Savoir-Faire-15, Carousing-13, Sex Appeal-13,
Streetwise-11, Climbing-12, Occultism-13, Gambling-12, Tracking-11, Survival (forest)-11, Brawling-11,
Guns (pistol)-12, Fencing-12, Riding-13, Driving (Car)-12, Speedboat-11, Swimming-12, Seamanship-12, Mehcanic-12,
Navigation (air)-13, Meteorology-12, Piloting aircraft (Multi engine prop)-15, Piloting aircraft (single engine prop)-15
Optimist; Wants to look heroic

Douglas RD4 Dolphin. Antonie

Crew: 2 (Pilot and co-pilot)
Capacity: 6 Passangers
Lenght: 13,79m
Siipiväli: 18m
Korkeus: 4,62m
Tyhä paino: 3,068kg
Paino lastattuna:4,415kg
Polttoaine: 908l.
Moottori: 2xPratt & Whitney R-1340-4-Wasp, 9 cylinder radial piston engine, 450hp (340hw)/engine
Polttoaine: 91 Octane rating Gasoline (Petrol)
Tankki: 908 litraa

Max Speed: 240km/h (sea level)
Cruise speed: 169km/h
Range: 1,114km (601 nmil)
Service ceiling: 4,602m
Rate of climb: 4.097 m/s
Time to altitude:1,524m in 6 minutes, 12 seconds
Wing loading: 80kg/m2
Power/mass: 0,204kW/kg

Laskeutuminen kovalle maalle vaatii 450m, lentoonlähtö 300m. Laskeutuminen veteen vaatii 300m, lentoonlähtö 600m. Luvut peräisin Grumman Gooselta, lähde:

{{image url="images/Kuvitus/lentovene_tulostus_5.jpg" width="850" class="left"}}

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